Want to Join Our Team? 

Please read the information below and click the link at the end for a job application if you are interested in joining our team. Email the application to [email protected] and we will be in touch.

Company Info

Wild Birds Unlimited is the the largest specialty retailer of backyard bird feeding supplies and products. We have over 320 franchised locations across the US and Canada, all owned by people who are passionate about the hobby of backyard bird feeding. Our owners are passionate people; they’re passionate about the hobby of backyard bird feeding and their businesses. They love nature, they love wild birds, and they love sharing their enthusiasm about both with their customers. Wild Birds Unlimited owners are their local communities’ backyard bird feeding specialists and a premiere source for nature information, as well as quality products. 

But who we are goes far beyond the items we sell. It’s our owners’ commitment to their customers that distinguishes them from other retailers, a fact that makes us very proud. They enjoy helping their customers understand birds and nature, swapping stories about the latest bird sightings and seeing other people share their excitement.


Sales Associate Job Description


The position of Sales Associate is a part-time position that reports to the franchise owner/manager. The primary responsibility of a Sales Associate is to provide a high energy customer experience. 

Selling / Customer Experience

  • Understands that the high energy customer experience is the #1 priority.
  • Completes each OWL module as part of the High Energy Training in order to deliver the WBU high energy customer experience as the trusted local expert.
  • Uses successful selling skills to satisfy the customer and complete the sale.
  • Has read, understood and follows the Employee Handbook, including the WBU Ten Touch Points training.
  • Follows the best practices of the Person in Charge of the Customer experience.
  • Wears the logo name badge and logo apparel while working on the sales floor.


  • Has read and understood the Product Information Handbook and has successfully completed the Certified Bird feeding Specialist Program.
  • Understands and communicates the store’s merchandise and target products to the customer.
  • Completes the changing of displays, signing and the restocking of merchandise as directed by management.

Personnel Management

  • Demonstrates a positive, enthusiastic and professional demeanor.
  • Attends store meetings as required.
  • Completes any other duties as assigned.

Administrative Control

  • Adheres to all store policies and procedures regarding the ringing of all transactions, any administrative duties and scheduling.
  • Completes accurate and legible paperwork.

Loss Prevention

  • Adheres to all store policies and procedures regarding personal and store security.
  • Communicates security concerns to management.

Store Maintenance

  • Maintains good housekeeping standards to help present a clean and well-presented store.
  • Helps keep store and backroom clean & organized.

Some Things To Consider

  • Are you an enthusiastic backyard birder and can easily identify our local backyard birds? (This is not a requirement, however a love or passion for nature is!)
  • Are you familiar with Windows computers and can easily be trained on a register? 
  • Do you have some retail experience and would you enjoy one-on-one interaction with customers? 
  • Are you able to assist with unloading bi-weekly seed deliveries consisting of numerous 20 pound bags, boxes and occasionally heavy concrete bird baths?
  • Are you able to carry two 20 pound bags of seed to a customer's car throughout your shift? 
  • Are you able to bag seed containing peanuts, seeds, and other various nuts, package live mealworms, restock, receive, and unpack deliveries? 
  • Are you able to perform routine cleaning responsibilities in the front, back, and bathroom? 
  • Are you able to climb ladders safely? 
  • Do you have the flexibility to work weekdays, weekends, AND most holidays? This is part-time position and schedules are flexible. Our store hours will be Mon-Sat 10am - 6 pm and Sun 11 am - 3 pm.
  • Do you have experience opening/closing a retail store? 

The difference between what we offer and what other retailers offer goes far beyond what we sell. It's who we are. Wild Birds Unlimited Sales Associates give our stores a competitive advantage that cannot be surpassed.  Enthusiasm, professionalism, informed advice and superior customer service combine to help you make a difference. We invite you to come join our team!  Click the link below to begin your journey with a job application! Please email it to [email protected] and we will be in touch. 

Click here for a Job Application