Feeding Birds During the Wet and Humid Season:

With the daily rain and high humidity we are having, it's absolutely vital that bird feeders be cared for properly. There's probably not a feeder out there that isn't in need of a good scrubbing right about now. Rain, and even just humidity, will cause food to gum up and possibly mold, which is never healthy for birds. Here are our tips during this season:

☔️ Empty and discard wet, clumpy seed.
☔️ Wash feeders in hot, soapy water. Dawn dish soap works great or white vinegar, too. WBU has feeder cleaning brushes in several sizes and shapes to help get into all the hard to reach places.
☔️ Disinfect feeders using a bleach-water solution of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach.
☔️ Rinse thoroughly and let dry. This is important that you don't put fresh seed back in a wet feeder.
☔️ To avoid seed waste, only fill feeders with a day's worth of seed at a time!! Do not fill those feeders all the way up this time of year. That way if you need to dump some after yet another wet spell, you aren't out much.
☔️ On seed cylinder feeders, you may want to purchase smaller sizes, our 1/3-size stackables. Cylinders hold up well in normal weather and occasional rains, but during these days of unrelenting rain, they can weaken, crumble apart prematurely, and also spoil quicker.
☔️ Repeat these steps as often as needed, with cleaning and disinfecting occurring weekly at this time.
☔️ Make sure your sprinklers are not hitting the bird feeders, which will also spoil the food quicker.
☔️ We have weather guards in several different sizes that can help protect feeders from rain and lawn sprinklers.

Enjoy your birds while keeping them healthy! 🙂